Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education


Electronic committees system

An electronic system which manages all procedures that take place before and after the meetings of the committees. The system includes data of the members of the committees and the development of technical ways to create and send invitations for meetings to the members. Click here for more information.

Employee Affair System

An electronic system that organizes the administrative work for personnel. The system provides leave and permission requests and tracks their progress. It also records attendance and generates reports according to University regulations.Click here for more information.

Technical Support System

A system that controls the management of trusts and equipment. The system allows archiving data and information of trusts, laboratories, and rooms; as well as, transfer and cancellation of the trusts, and lending of devices and laboratories. Click here for more information.

Electronic exams management system

A system that manages the flow of the electronic tests prior the exam dates; beginning with the nomination of supervisors administrating the exams and coordination with the different colleges in terms of exam dates, locations and readiness of laboratories. As well as, managing the process during and after the tests in terms of writing reports.Click here for more information.

Guidebook for distance learning students using augmented reality

This project is based on the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education desire to support the Ministry of Higher Education and King Abdulaziz University in the transition to a smart university. The Deanship provides a number of complementary applications that reinforce university students and illustrate the pioneering role of the University in supporting e-learning.Click here for more information.

Digital library system

The construction and development of a digital library serves as an electronic repository for learning objects. The system facilitates the storage, retrieval and re-use of learning objects needed to build digital courses by the developers at the deanship.Click here for more information.

Mobile learning

The project is created for the purpose of conducting survey researches to determine the readiness of King Abdulaziz University’s faculty members and students, in the female section, for blended and mobile learningClick here for more information.

Education in the virtual world

This study takes into account King Abdulaziz University’s aim, represented in the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education, to provide distinct e-learning opportunities for the University students through the programs of "distance education".Click here for more information.

Development and improvement of bank questions in the electronic examination system

The project is based on the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education’s support of King Abdulaziz University’s objective to shift from paper exams to electronic examinations.Click here for more information.

Development of Regional Examination System

This project aims to facilitate the organization of regional examinations and its automation, as well as facilitating communication between faculty members in these regions and the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education located in Jeddah by continues monitoring of the committees’ activities that are being sent.Click here for more information.

Portal System for The Management of Training Courses

The aim is to build an integrated portal system to organize administrative work for training courses as well as faculty member login to facilitate registration in training courses or withdrawal if needed, in addition to issuance of certifications and various data about all courses attended.Click here for more information.

Future Plans

E-learning and Distance Education Journal

Amongst the plans of the Deanship of e-learning and Distance Education is to establish an electronic magazine to be posted via the internet for distance learning purposes.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning, one of the future plans, is a mode of education that integrates elements of traditional education (face to face) and distance education (online). As a result, it creates a learning environment consisting of a combination of many of the teaching methods and theories of education.Click here for more information.

Electronic Textbook

Our future plan is to convert most of our textbooks to the electronic version and make it readily available to all students in the various regions. The project will provide students with easy access to our electronic resources.

Educational Channel on The Internet

One of our future plans is to work on launching a television broadcast on the Internet. The channel is to offer a range of our educational resources, such as seminars, interviews, workshops and events, in addition to broadcasting academic courses and translated programs created by other universities.

Virtual Life

Is a site that allows users to build their characters in a three-dimensional appearance and move within the virtual environment. The Deanship’s plan is to create the campus of King Abdulaziz University on the virtual life site and allow visitors to join our University and explore the campus’s landmarks without having to actually visit the University.

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