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Electronic Examination System In King Abdulaziz University

Electronic Examination System In King
Abdulaziz University

Electronic Examination is an easy method for evaluating students. The Faculty member is able to easily prepare exams to be applied on the students.

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Electronic examinations can be used to overcome some of the difficulties that could hamper the implantation of conventional paper-based tests. It can also be utilized to provide other channels to increase the educational attainment of the student, enhance consolidation of information and development of self-learning skills.

Electronic exams is an easy method to evaluate a student. The faculty member is able to easily prepare and apply exams on the students. The exams are corrected electronically and instantly ensuring credibility and transparency in the process.

Electronic exams also enhance time management and provide the faculty member with a variety of services such as building test banks for a specific curriculum. The mentioned bank contributes to significant development of the curriculum and effortless designing of the exam. The faculty is able to select chapters included in the exam and choose the level of difficulty , accordingly the program will automatically prepare different models. The course instructor no longer needs to design, prepare different models nor print examinations. Moreover, the faculty member does not need to collect question & answer sheets, check for names, ID numbers and correct shading. Electronic exams are faster and easier for faculty members and students.

Electronic exams is a system that gives the instructor an opportunity to construct electronic exams of international standards and apply them on the students with little effort.

The system supports the following types of questions:

  • True and False questions
  • Multiple Choice questions

These types of questions are objective meaning that the answers are fixed and are not determined by the evaluator’s subjective point of view.

To learn more about the electronic exams and method of appliance in King Abdulaziz University visit the following links:

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