Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education

E-courses Design and Production Unit

Unit’s tasks:

  • Develop the overall structure for technical divisions within the unit.
  • Distribute technical tasks and roles among the staff of the unit.
  • Coordinate with authorized persons associated with the work conduct.
  • Apply common standards and specifications to developed courses.
  • Develop time plans for all projects and discuss them with the heads of departments and put them into effect.
  • Supervise and follow-up with all the technical departments to carry out the required time plan and solve any internal problems.
  • Develop the unit’s staff competency, improve their productivity, and suggest relevant training programs.
  • Continues update on all the latest developments associated with the job.
  • Design accessible e-courses to meet the requirements of people with special needs.
  • Carry out any instructions issued by the Department Head related to the unit's activities.
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