Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education

Distance Education Unit

Unit’s tasks:

  • Identify clear mechanisms for periodical coordination with the coordinators of distance education programs in colleges.
  • Assist faculty members with regards to distance education and support them in this matter.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the performance of faculty members and how they carry on the educational process.
  • Monitor cases of withdrawal and failure.
  • Follow up assignment of faculty members to their courses and continues update.
  • Prepare faculty members' attendance reports.
  • Monitor attendance and adherence reports for e-learning students.
  • Apply educational development proposals associated with distance education.
  • Monitor academic integrity among students and professors and commitment to its rules and principles through coordination with the colleges, so as to prevent scientific theft, fraud and identity theft and to avoid stir of national, religious, tribal and sectarian emotions and sensations, and to prevent penetration of Question Banks and secured educational databases.
  • Set foundations concerning the selection of faculty teaching staff in the distance education program.
  • Periodic communication with the program coordinators (experienced in e-learning) in colleges to view their efforts in practices falling under the mission and objectives to meet the standard of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment.
  • Provide guidebooks for familiarization with the program and its courses, requirements and evaluation methods, educational and testing regulations and organizational and administrative procedures that have been adopted in accordance with the statutory procedures within the institution.
  • Commitment to student evaluation policies and procedures from the start of teaching the courses.
  • Provide feedback to the students concerning their tests and accomplishments in a timely manner.
  • Follow-up and coordination with colleges with regard to auditing and review of the scientific descriptions of the programs and courses in accordance with the standards of the NCAAA.
  • Guide students at the beginning of the semester on the usage of electronic resources and other relevant sources.
  • Prepare info on the necessary skills needed for distance education enrollees.
  • Announce and provide information about the necessary skills and sources needed for distance education prior to enrollment.
  • Carry out any instructions issued by the Department Head related to the unit's activities.
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