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The Learning Management System Blackboard

The Learning Management System Blackboard The Learning Management System (Blackboard) is an integrated e-learning solution. It supports the learning process through a combination of synchronous and a-synchronous online instructions and communication. It also provides a safe and user friendly learning environment. Instructors carryout the courses and lectures via multimedia usage (text, images, audio, video, animation). Students come together to browse through the contents as per each individual’s needs. Students freely communicate with each other without restriction of time and place via the various communication tools (e-mail, forums..etc) or via the virtual classes which can be operated from any smart device.

The following is the link for logging into the Blackboard system (Login To Blackboard)

Features of Blackboard

  • Providing courses for the students via the internet.
  • Providing tools for evaluating students, determining their levels and academic improvement.
  • Distributing assignments, examinations, surveys and receiving answers and commenting on them.
  • Delivering feedback and instant/non instant reinforcement to the student.
  • Providing easy browsing through the educational contents using various multimedia.
  • Re-leaving the instructor from burdens such as correction, revision and grading provides the opportunity for more concentration on educational and lecturing tasks.
  • Generating reports to easly follow all developments without administrative burdens.
  • Providing various communication tools to enable interaction between students and their instructors.
  • Providing a safe environment for testing and stimulating hazardous experiments.

Technical requirements

Blackboard Launcher, download for Windows - download for Mac


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