Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education

Deanship's Vision, Mission and Goals

The Deanship’s Vision:

The University’s Deanship of E-learning and Distance Education becoming one of the globally distinguished centers of excellence in e-learning and distance education.

The Deanship’s Mission:

Providing varied and distinguished educational services in response to the growing demands for such services through the effective implementation of modern technologies in e-learning and distance education; according to both national and international quality standards.

The Deanship’s Long Term Goals:

  • Continue offering academically qualified, distance education programs.
  • Implement distance education and e-learning policies which qualify KAU to achieve higher ranking relative to international universities in that domain.
  • Enhance community's confidence in the outcomes of distance education and e-learning programs offered by the university.
  • Enforce a qualitative change in research related to e-learning.

The Deanship’s Objectives:

  • Offer increasing numbers of students the opportunity to get an education according to approved standards.
  • Implement the latest technological solutions to enhance the educational process.
  • Increase educational staff’s proficiency in e-learning and distance education.
  • Realize quality and performance indicators in e-learning and distance education according to international best practices.
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Last Update 3/29/2016 11:42:12 AM